Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photo Challenge -- Breaking the rules

Not sure whether there are written rules for participating in the 30-day photo challenge. It seems implied that one should be taking a picture each day of the assigned subject to see how things unfold.
However, I have taken my own tack with this assignment. Sometimes I take a new photo. Sometimes I find one that fits from my own archives. Either way, I'm using the assignment to do what I have been doing with all challenges recently -- to tackle my feelings of grief.
It seems common to use the words or phrases "dealing with," "working through," "handling," or "struggling with" when referring to our difficult emotions. Today I realized that simply viewing grief (or any other difficult emotion for that matter) this way means that it is something we need to leave behind or put off. Or as if it's something we can fight with until it gives up.
Grief doesn't give up though. And while it's not easy. I've begun to see grief as something that requires lot of attention and care. It's a part of my life right now and fighting it or struggling with it just seems to drag things out. I'm considering a more friendly approach. We'll see if I'm capable.

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