Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Challenge: Days 7 & 21

30-Day Photo Challenge

Day 7 -- Something New
Okay, the phrase "something new" brings to mind all the things a bride should wear on her wedding day. Here is a picture from my wedding day that shows the borrowed, the blue, and the new... (the old was a hanky that my great grandmother embroidered. I don't think that made it into any photos, but it's there tucked away.)
The old and borrowed are two pairs of earrings... the earrings I wore as earrings I borrowed from my mother, whose own mother owned the jewelry. The blue comes from the clip earrings that I'm wearing as adornments on the dress. The new is barely visible -- the necklace I'm wearing was a Christmas gift from my soon-to-be (at that time) husband. The pretty gal in the photo is my sister.

Day 21 -- Pretty pattern
It might not seem like a pattern, but I'm pretty sure there's one there. (Granite in the Boundary Waters.)

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