Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Challenge: Days 2 & 17

For the 30-day photo challenge.
Assignments for days 2 & 17. 
Day 2 -- What I wore: 
What I wore a couple of days before Dad died. After spending the night at Mom & Dad's house and discovering my packing deficiencies for the overnight trip, I borrowed a t-shirt of Mom's and a cardigan of Dad's. 
I thought, "Crap! If I wear this and Dad dies before I can return it, will I want to keep it forever?" 
Within 48 hours, Dad did in fact die without me having returned the garment. Not wholly unexpected as he was in hospice and failing in rapid streaks. (So I'm not claiming to have precipitated anything with my choice of clothing to borrow. I'm not that delusional about my psychic powers.)
I have yet to attempt to return the sweater. It made its way to my office where I use it when the AC gets unbearable. 

Day 17 -- on the shelf: 
On the shelf in my office -- face it, I spend a good chunk of my day here -- is a plant my coworkers sent as a memorial gift for Dad's wake and funeral services. It provides enjoyment because it's just a great plant (a bird's nest fern) and because I use it as a reminder that life takes care and attention. Alongside that is the Marvin the Martian coffee mug that I now use for watering the new plant and the lamp that I brought from home, a garage-sale find that provides the homey feeling that people frequently comment about when visiting my office. 

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