Saturday, October 11, 2008

BIC ride

Today I rode with some friends as part of a Bicyclists of Iowa City ride.

One of my newest friends, Jim -- who, for lack of a better word, I call my boyfriend -- is a new bicyclist and an Iowa Citian... So I hope he might join the BIC club. It's rewarding that he has taken up bicycling as a way to spend more time with me. But what I like more is the idea that he might like biking enough to continue regardless of what the future holds for our relationship.

So we rode from Jim's place in Iowa City to Scott Park and met up with Margo, a longtime friend and fellow cyclist, and some other BIC members. The planned ride was from the east edge of Iowa City to West Branch along the Herbert Hoover Highway then to a teeny-tiny burg called Downey. And surprisingly, it's not as fresh and fluffy as you might think. And another surprise, Tide and Snuggle are not nearby towns. Odd, right?

Anyway, it's been a while. Thought I'd make an appearance.

Keep watching. Something interesting might happen!

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