Monday, June 16, 2008

Absentee juggling act

It has been a while and my sole lame excuse is that I've been busy figuring out how to balance two new jobs with my former established routine. But that's the last complaint you're going to hear about my new job for a while. The one job is soon to be come a former job as I just couldn't deal with having my weekends filled with working and tornado watches and warnings, leaving no time for RAGBRAI training... so now I'm down to the one new job that I love.

What is it?

Well, I'm now working as a Scenic Byway Project Coordinator for a couple of neat little routes not far from my home, namely the Grant Wood Scenic Byway and the Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway. So far I've been exploring the byways and "identifying key stakeholders." That's my new favorite phrase for going out and talking to people about their towns and what their dreams are for the community.

A while ago I published my personal mission -- and in the process of one of my numerous blog makeovers, I have since deleted it, so here it is again:
With focused determination, unbridled curiosity and decided happiness I embrace activities that fuel my passion to inspire, support anad encourage collaboration, openness, active & creative thought, laughter and connectedness, leading me to achieve extraordinary goals and to help others achieve the same.
I point this out because the place I work now has the following mission:
The Mission of the Limestone Bluffs RC&D is to serve as a catalyst by uniquely assisting people, communities, and businesses to enhance the value of existing and future resources.
Could we be more perfectly matched? Like tunes in an iPod, methinks!

Check out my byway... see the unofficial bird of Iowa.
It's a dream come true... and I didn't even know it was my dream!


  1. Jennzing man...I knew something perfect would come along. Cheers to you kid...I know you are laughing now!


  2. You live in such a beautiful part of the state so it DOES sound like a terrific opportunity!