Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kentucky Bluegrass Smoothie

Here's the recipe...

Wait two to four days past prime time for the first lawn-mowing of the spring.
Mow over the mounds of grass that didn't get mulched by your mulching mower.

And then you, too, can have a Kentucky Bluegrass Smoothie!

My lawn is always a little lumpy because of the uneven ground, but it's extra lumpy tonight because of my newly created recipe. The neighbors were out with their riding mower while I was out making beverages for my yard. His riding mower mulches much better than mine and so he took it upon himself to mow over some of the mounds on one side and the back of my yard. In appreciation for the neighborliness, I've got a "Thank you very mulch" card ready to deliver first thing tomorrow.

Sure the homemade card is a little cheesy, but from my extensive experience in the greeting card business (which pretty much consists of mind-numbing browsing sessions at the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown Store) I'm certain that you can get away with a good serving of cheese when it comes to Thank You cards.

Now I feel like I should apologize for the pointlessness of this post!
Nope... I'm over it. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Linda. I am pleased and honored to have visited you blog and to let you know I have added Uncommon Adventures to Blogging Women.

    You have done an outstanding job and I wish you continued success. Thank you!