Sunday, April 27, 2008

Enlisting -- blog lists

Stumble Upon... The website... have you heard of it?

It can be quite fun if you're looking for a little diversion. While (thankfully!) it hasn't proven endlessly fascinating, it does turn up some useful information.

For Stumble of the day I pick "The Million Blog List" an experiment to see how long it takes to get one million blogs added to the list. It just started early this month (April) and it already has over 1100 listed. It's a wiki, so you can add your own blog just by signing up (or not, but then your IP address is listed as the editing party).

That led me to another site, the "Wiki Blog Directory" a convenient self-explanatory title. Here you can list your blog for free under as many categories as apply. Of course keep in mind that since it is a wiki, if you list your blog under a subject that doesn't fit, it will probably be edited out, so be judicious in your selections!

Cheers and happy listing!

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