Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Mission Statement

Last week I formalized my personal mission.

I believe that a personal mission should be broad enough to encompass one's professional life as well as one's personal life.

Further, I believe that putting your life's purpose into words presents a challenge if only because words sometimes fail to capture the spirit of a thought or intention. I don't have my copy anymore, so I can't accurately quote him, but in his novella "The Body" (in the book Different Seasons) Stephen King wrote a phrase that has stuck with me since I read it the first time back in the late 80s'. He wrote that "speech destroys the functions of love" and Gordy, the narrator goes on to describe how saying a thing, putting it into words, can serve to dismantle it rather than to prop it up. That if you speak to tell a deer you mean it no harm, the act of speaking disproves that from the perspective of the deer. Of course he goes on to describe the catch, which is that if you don't use words to describe your intentions, thoughts or feelings, those things die without being shared. And there you have it... words being necessary to share and to perpetuate dreams have the power to diminish those same things... if you're not careful.

With the hope and intention of perpetuating my vision, I use the words available to me to share what I envision.

Still, and I suppose always, a work in progress -- here is my mission statement:
With focused determination, unbridled curiosity and decided happiness I embrace activities and pursuits that fuel my passion to inspire, support and encourage collaboration, openness, active and creative thought, laughter and connectedness leading me to achieve extraordinary goals and help others achieve the same.

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